Dietary Needs Catered for at Early Days Foods. 

At Early Days Foods we pride ourselves in catering for a range of dietary needs. All our products provide your children with the nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle and vitamins that their body needs. We also cater for kids with specific dietary needs such as gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance and prepare a range of meat free meals. Most importantly Early Days Foods does not use nuts and all meals are produced in a nut free kitchen.


Early Days Foods freshly prepared meals receive blast frozen therefore locking all nutrients within the meal. This ensures all children get provided with only the best nutritional content without using preservatives/additives.  Blast freezing/shock freezing involves a super cooled freezer used to reduce the metabolic processes significantly by reducing the temperature of the freshly prepare product. Children are particularly considered vulnerable, therefore blast freezing preservation properties are without doubt considered highly beneficial.

To dispel any worries about ready meals, Early days Foods have worked hard in researching our wide range of meals to be both nutritious and delicious and only contain ingredients that you will find in your own kitchen with our promise that you will not find any preservatives or additives. The fact that we blast freeze our freshly prepared food soon after cooking locks in the goodness ensuring that your children get the best from our high-quality meals.


At Early Days Foods we have designed specific dishes to cater for children with allergies. Our organisation provide an extensive check list to ensure all children receive extensive dietary options. Our kitchen is nut free and we carter for other issues as in recent years food allergies have rising. Early Days Foods have designed specific dishes and produce a range of gluten free and dairy free meals.


A healthy balance is based on four groups, (starchy foods), (fruit and veg), (meat fish eggs and beans) and (mild/dairy foods). One of the basic principles of healthy eating is variety. Eating variety of foods provides a better balance of nutrients which is important for the building blocks in life.

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